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Neat Heat proudly offers premium quality, temporary industrial fan rental at a cost-effective price on a short notice. We help you beat the heat and carry on operations without any worries, when your cooling equipment breaks down, fails to function or goes for fixation and repairs. From providing equipment to installation and deployment, at Neat Heat, we do it all with perfection.

Our fans can be utilized in both occupied and unoccupied spaces, including hospitals, offices, gyms, tents, halls, warehouses, emergency rooms and several other places.

Portable fans are great for cooling of areas of all sizes. We provide different size fans that can be aggregated to cool any size space. Fans are available floor type 30” and 36”. The fans can be utilized stand alone or aggregated to provide air flow in any size space. These units can be utilized anywhere with very little electric or set up required needed on an immediate or ongoing basis. The units can be combined with air conditioners heaters and dehumidifiers to provide cooling on a moments notice.

PORTABLE & Industrial Fan Rental

Portable Temporary Fan Rentals | Industrial Fan Rental

Portable Temporary Industrial Fans for Rent 

Emergency Industrial fans are ready to work at a moments notice for your jobsite or work place.

Neat Heat is Your Direct Source for Portable Industrial Fans.

Perfect for Industrial Emergencies and natural disaster cleanups. 

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At Neat Heat, we provide you world-class, portable and high functional temporary cooling equipment, including air conditioners, chillers and fans of different sizes on rent to cool any size space. At Neat Heat, floor type fans of 30” and 36” are also available.

“We provided 40 30” pedestal fans for a large graduation in Connecticut. The 40 fans were set up by our team and we ran extension cords to power the equipment locally at the event. The Graduation went off without a hitch due to the fans ventilating the space. “

Available on a Moment’s Notice
With us, you can request for rental fans and other cooling equipment at any time you want, on a moment’s notice and we will deliver it to you right away. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

Fans for All Your Cooling Needs
Neat Heat caters to all your cooling needs. We provide you with fan rentals for parties, weddings, sports events, concerts and graduations. Our fans can be easily set up and utilize very low power. With us, you can save on your electric bill.

Additionally, you can use our equipment to clean up and dry standing water after floods and for mold remediation. Our high quality fan rentals are also suitable for construction work, including wood floor installation, finishing, taping and concrete drying.

We offer ductable fans with high static pressure that are great for ventilation.

Emergency fan rental is one of our specialties we can even do installation and removal of equipment. The portable fans can be used in occupied spaces and unoccupied spaces. Hospitals, emergency rooms, offices, residential, high rises, government buildings, post offices, basements, gyms, tents, party rooms, movies sets, industrial applications and warehouses to name a few applications. The fans we provide are also perfect for construction of buildings so that humidity is kept down and ventilation is sufficient.

Fans can be used for restoration work including but not limited to mold remediation; drying of standing water; flood cleanup or any where ventilation is required. The fans can be utilized for all construction work including but not limited to wood floor installation, taping, finishing and concrete drying and cooling. Fans can also be used to ventilate areas where there are fumes from paint or other noxious odors. We provide ductable fan rentals with very high static pressure for these applications.

Fans rentals are perfect for special events and parties. They can be set up quickly and when set up they cool and provide ventilation immediately. The fans we rent offer low power draw and are perfect for parties, weddings, graduations, sports events, gatherings, concerts and anywhere there will be people enjoying an event.

Fans can also be provided with chillers and air handlers to help move cold air around. If your chiller or air handler goes down consider fans to distribute air in the space.

If you have a need for immediate ventilation call us and we can provide turnkey service to your site with no time delay. Fans can be set up with extension cords and provide immediate cooling and ventilation.

Setup is a breeze when you utilize this equipment.

Call us at 516 277 6972 to see if this type of fan equipment will meet your needs.

We ship air fans and air handlers to any location. This equipment can condition spaces of any size and configuration. Emergency set up of this equipment is available.

High static pressure fans are available to meet all of your air handling needs. These can be combined with your existing chillers or with Chillers that we provide to create a whole cooling system. Generators can be provided to power fans creating a turnkey system.

Fans Coupled With Chillers and Air Handlers
You can rely on Neat Heat for all your cooling emergency needs. At Neat Heat, we offer you fans according to your needs and specifications. You can combine our fans for better cooling performance of your already installed cooling equipment, like chillers and air handlers, in case they are not functioning properly.

A selection of fans for rent

The fans as provided for are great for the following applications.

  • Construction sites
  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Some features of the units:

  • High air flow
  • Different size fans for different applications
  • Can be rolled or carried to any area
  • Installation service available

Can be used with

  • Air handlers
  • Extension cords
  • Generators
  • Turnkey available


To provide you with the best service and quality chillers, air handing equipment and generators to meet all of your needs. We can utilize this equipment to climate control any space it can be used hospitals office buildings and any commercial or residential application. The units can be used to help clean up after floods, natural disaster and for mold remediation.

Competent Sales, Engineering and Service Teams
To deliver you the highest quality fans and excellent, round-the-clock customer service, we have experienced and highly-skilled sales, engineering and service teams. We cater to all your cooling needs in the shortest possible time.

Why Choose Us?

Here are more reasons why you should choose us:

  • Free Estimates
  • Same Day and Emergency Service
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines

Get a free estimate today, or call us at 516-253-5309 to learn more about our cooling equipment and services.

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