Case Study 2022-23 Winter & Summer Season

Temporary climate control

Neat Heat Climate Control (NHCC) recently completed a substantial project of over 200,000 square feet on Long Island.  The project consisted of converting an older department store into a state-of-the-art medical facility.

During the construction of the medical facility, NHCC worked with the contractor to provide temporary climate control equipment for the building of the facility.  Equipment provided included, temporary heaters, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.  These Temporary climate control services were key in the contractor maintaining the climate in the building allowing construction to continue during the winter and summer months.

Having the appropriate temperature and humidity levels on the job is critical to meet material and construction specifications.  This ensures that the materials cure and are maintained properly during and after the construction phase. In addition, having the correct environment ensures that the warranty of materials is in force after the job is complete. 

NHCC worked closely with the contractor to provide a temporary HVAC strategy that ensured that the project could continue as scheduled through the construction. There were many temporary heating and cooling options available for this type of job. NHCC worked closely with the contractor to determine total cost as well as effectiveness of the different available systems. 

The result of our collaboration was a hybrid temporary heating system utilizing portable electric heaters and integrated towable fuel oil heaters with built in generators.  NHCC also provided fuel storage tanks to allow for continued use of the system.  All units had thermostatic controls to maintain the desired temperature on the job site. 

For the summer months, the contractor required a system to lower the humidity level in certain areas of the project.  NHCC provided portable industrial dehumidifiers aggregated for the size of the space.  These units provided approximately 1 air change per hour and, along with fans, maintained humidity levels as required to allow work to continue throughout the summer months.

For your project:

Neat Heat Climate Control (NHCC) has a wide range of portable heaters, air conditioners, dehumidification, generators, fuel tanks and more that can be used to assist in many construction applications. NHCC specializes in supporting the construction industry and our temporary heating equipment rentals have serviced both short-term and long-term heating needs. We can assist in designing and or budgeting a system as required for temporary HVAC on your Jobsite.  Call 516-431-5550 to ask for assistance.

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