Temporary Negative Air Machine Rental

  • High efficiency 110V units
  • Can be rolled into almost any area
  • Perfect for quick, dependable air purification with very little setup.

Temporary Hepa filters and Negative Air Machine Rental are great for cleaning air with suspended particles. Dust filters can be used with the negative air machine to make the unit ideal for dust collection in construction and renovation work. Carbon permanganate filters take odors out of air including smoke and other strong smells. The Hepa Filter/Negative air machine be used in many phases of construction including concrete resurfacing, drywall work, painting or any job where it is necessary to remove excessive dust. It can also be used in restoration projects when working with water damage & mold remediation. 

Portable Negative Air Machine Rentals

The negative air machines can be used as an air scrubber to remove odors generated by carpet, flooring materials, paints, finishes as well as solvents and cleaners. In addition, with the activated charcoal filters, odors can be controlled in occupied areas such as working offices, lobbies or other occupied spaces. Fans can also be provided with this equipment to quicken the process. Setup is a breeze.

TEMPORARY HEPA FILTERS & Negative Air Machine Rental

hepa filter equipment rental and Negative Air Machine Rental

Temporary Air Purification & HEPA Filtration Machines

Ready to work on a moments notice for your jobsite

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Hepa Filters and Negative Air Machines are ideal for mold remediation jobs as well as for cleaning and restoration projects. They can be used in occupied spaces including commercial, residential, high-rise buildings, hospitals, post offices, government buildings and more. The negative air machines we provide are perfect in assisting with aftermath of water damage.

Industrial Air Moving Equipment is great for any air purification purpose. They can be used in occupied/unoccupied spaces including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • High Rises
  • Hospitals
  • Post Offices
  • Government Building
  • And More…..

The negative air machines we rent are on wheels, which makes them easy to move around as needed to any space. The Hepa filters utilize different filters to achieve Hepa standard. Replacement filters are available and ducts can be used with the negative air to move dust and desired particles out of the space.

Call us at (516) 277-6973 for a consultation on your application and we can discuss what type of Hepa filter would be best for your situation.

We ship all Hepa filter negative air machine equipment on a moments notice. This equipment can be utilized in spaces of any size and configuration. Emergency set up of negative air machine equipment is available and this can be done at the same time the equipment is shipped or any time after as needed.

“Recently we utilized our Hepa air filtration for a major construction project in a high end residential apartment on 5th avenue. The apartment building required negative air. The Hepa air filters were outfitted with ducts to exhaust the air and allowed no infiltration of dust from the apartment to the rest of the building.”

“Our portable Hepa filters and negative air units of various sizes have been utilized in the renovation of both Madison Square Garden and The United Nations. The units provided clean air which enabled the construction to continue in a timely manner.”

HEPA filtration equipment for rent
HEPA filtration equipment for rent

Some features of the unit

  • Full feature HEPA air purification system
  • Airflow up to 2,000 cfm
  • Can be rolled or carried to any area
  • Turn-key service available

Also known as

  • Air cleaners
  • Negative air machines
  • Hepa filters


To provide our customers with the best service and quality negative air machines. We offer Hepa filtration equipment rental services to clean after floods, natural disasters, mold remediation, dust removal, drywall work, and odor control. Negative Air Equipment Rentals can be used in occupied areas.

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