Air Conditioning Operating Troubleshooting Tips

Please note all equipment is checked prior to delivery.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips

No power to the unit (indicator is no fans no lights)

  • Is unit plugged in? Is breaker reset?

Fan is running but unit is not blowing cold

  • Is thermostat set low enough to engage cooling mode?
  • Is condensate bucket full? (If so, empty contents) Is condensate pump plugged in fully under unit?
  • If bucket is being used is jumper plug plugged in under unit?
  • Check and reset the high head reset button in the compartment

Possible causes for reset button being tripped (high head)

1) Unit Too Close to a Wall

  • It is recommended to have 18 “clearance to properly ventilate units

2) Clogged/Dirty Filters

  • Filters must be kept clean to allow unit to ventilate properly

3) Ducting constricted

  • Any kinking or constriction of ducting may not allow unit to ventilate properly
Air Conditioning Operating Troubleshooting Tips

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