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Neat Heat & Cooling was approached by a prominent general contractor in the New York Metropolitan area to provide a temporary heating solution for a large scale residential project in Brooklyn, N.Y. The building contained both residential and retail space. Neat Heat and Cooling provided a consultative approach and established a temporary HVAC program to meet the project’s needs.

Temporary climate control was critical for productivity but also for all the ongoing construction that was being done; including wood floor installation, painting, millwork and all other finishes.

Temporary portable electric heating was best suited for this project as it was a quick and clean setup while utilizing the existing infrastructure provided by the initial buildout.

For the retail and lobby spaces we provided portable temporary 18KW electric heaters.
For the remaining floors (2-18), smaller portable temporary 6KW electric heaters were provided to heat each individual apartment.


We had a total of 282 apartments and therefore a total of 282 6KW portable temporary electric heaters, utilizing the apartment dryer outlets.

The project ended up going through the winter season.

Temporary electric heater

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