Frequently Asked Questions

A. You should use temporary heating or cooling when your permanent systems aren’t ready, or your existing systems need supplementation. It is also an excellent option when you doesn’t want to utilize existing systems due to warranty perception or other issues. Another reason is when there is no system in place and climate control is needed. Click here for a list of our equipment options.

A. Applications for temporary heat include, but are not limited to, wood floors, millwork, concrete curing, taping, painting, tempering materials to keep from freezing, comfort, warranty specifications, etc. Click here for more information on temporary heating.

A. Neat Heat has a highly trained consulting team, who will thoroughly evaluate your specific needs and develop and design a custom solution. We then ensure immediate implementation. Call us at 516-277-6972 or click here to email us.

A. You can rent equipment for any amount of time. There is no minimum and no limit.

A. You can rent equipment on a day to day, week to week, or monthly basis. We can work together to determine what will work best in your situation. Call 516-277-6973 or click here to email us.

Please call us at 516-277-6972 and we will arrange for a pickup.

A. A portable air conditioner is a self-contained portable unit that cools the air in a single room or a specific space. Unlike traditional window air conditioners, portable air conditioners do not sit in the window. They typically sit on the floor within the space you are trying to cool. Click here for our air conditioning options.

A. Requirements vary based on the model. All portable air conditioner exhaust hot air as part of the cooling process. This hot air is usually directed out of the cooled space using a flexible hot air discharge duct, also known as an exhaust duct. This duct is often vented out of a window, into a drop ceiling, or through a wall to an adjacent space. Depending on the model you choose, window venting kits and drop ceiling tile kits are available. Click here for a video for detailed help.

A. Install service is available. Please call 516-277-6972 and ask us about it.

A. Rental includes 24/7 service for any non-working equipment onsite. Non-working equipment is repaired or replaced for normal wear and tear at no additional charge to the customer. Our trained technicians are there to support you throughout the rental period. Also, when you are finished using the equipment we pick it up and you don’t need to worry about storing and maintaining it. To learn more about this click here.

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