Temporary Industrial Dehumidifier Rental

Rent a Temporary Portable Industrial Dehumidifier from Neat Heat & Cooling your direct source for industrial dehumidifier rentals.

Neat heat & Cooling offers portable and temporary industrial dehumidifiers that will work for almost every dehumidification purpose that may arise.  Our dehumidifier units are perfect for restoration work, mold remediation; drying of standing water; flood cleanup; high humidity areas. Units have also been utilized for wood floor installation, concrete and finishing work drying and even conditioning of high rise buildings in New York City.

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Portable Industrial Dehumidifier Rental

At Neat heat & Cooling we provide our customers with the best service and quality dehumidification equipment; along with the service and expertise to utilize the dehumidification equipment we provide.

We ship all dehumidification rental equipment on a moments notice. This equipment can condition a space of any size or configuration. Emergency set up of dehumidification equipment is available this can be done at the same time the equipment is shipped or any time after the dehumidifiers are on site.

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    Industrial dehumidifiers are great for any dehumidification purpose. They can be used in occupied spaces including::

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • High Rises
    • Hospitals
    • Post Offices
    • Government Buildings
    • And more…..
    • And More…..

    Neat Heat & Cooling is your source for Temporary Dehumidification Rentals. Perfect for clean up after floods, natural disaster and for mold remediation. Call (516) 253-5309 for an immediate response.

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