Temporary Fan Rental

Neat Heat & cooling offers temporary fan rental services at a cost-effective price and on a short notice. Our portable fans are great for cooling of areas of all sizes. We provide different size fans that can be aggregated to cool any size space.

Portable temporary industrial fans are perfect for industrial emergencies and natural disaster cleanups.

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At Neat heat you can request rental fans and other cooling equipment at any time you want, on a moment’s notice and we will deliver it to you right away. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

Portable Temporary Fan Rentals | Industrial Fan Rental

Our emergency industrial fans are ready to work at a moments notice for your jobsite or work place. Emergency fan rental is one of our specialties we even provide installation and removal of equipment too. The portable fans can be used in occupied spaces and unoccupied spaces. Hospitals, emergency rooms, offices, residential, high rises, government buildings, post offices, basements, gyms, tents, party rooms, movies sets, industrial applications and warehouses to name a few applications. The cooling fans we provide are also perfect for construction of buildings so that humidity is kept down and ventilation is sufficient.

Temporary Fan Rental Services

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    Portable Fan Rentals

    At Neat Heat & Cooling, we provide you world-class, portable and high functional temporary fan rental equipment.

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