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Negative air machines, air scrubbers and HEPA filtration equipment are essential for cleaning air with contaminants, suspended particles and dust. They also reduce the potential spread of unsafe airborne matter, ideal for the construction industry and renovation work.

Contact Neat Heat & Cooling the temporary climate control specialists to know exactly what equipment you need for your job site or construction site. Rent temporary and portable negative air machines, air scrubbers and HEPA filtration equipment as needed. 


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    Air Purification Equipment

    Rentals of temporary air purification equipment is commonplace in the following settings:

    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Buildings
    • High Rises
    • Hospitals
    • Post Offices
    • Government Building
    • And More…..


    Do you know what equipment is necessary for your construction site or job site? How many machines? Where the best placement is? What type of Hepa filter would be best for your situation? Indoor or outdoor usage and set up?

    Call Neat Heat & Cooling for the answers to these questions today.

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    Neat Heat & Cooling is here To provide our customers with the best service and quality negative air machines available in the New York Tr-state area. We rent negative air machines with wheels adding to their portability to move around as needed for any workspace or job site. Our air cleaning equipment can be utilized in spaces of any size and configuration. Emergency set up of negative air machine equipment is available and this can be done at the same time the equipment is delivered or any time after as needed.

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