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Emergency & Temporary Direct Fired Natural Gas Heaters for Rent from Neat Heat

We provide and aggregate 50,000 BTU units with regulators to heat areas of all sizes. Natural gas booster pumps can be rented to increase gas pressure for the heating system. Piping manifolds can be designed to distribute gas and utilize system in any building. Natural gas heaters are union friendly and perfect for many construction jobs of different sizes.

Natural gas salamanders are great for many temporary heating applications. They can be used in most ground up and renovation construction projects including the commercial, residential, high-rises, Hospitals, post offices, government buildings retail stores office buildings and more. The heaters we provide can be used in restoration projects and to assist in dehumidification. They can dry standing water, be used for flood cleanup and to assist in high humidity areas. These units are 99 percent efficient and whisper quite no electric is required to run them.

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emergency construction natural gas rentals

Natural gas salamanders can be used for all construction work including wood floor installation, concrete pouring, taping, painting, VCT Flooring, millwork and any other finishes that required heating. The units can be used on a construction site for comfort heat if required.

Natural gas heaters for construction sites
  • Clean efficient heating
  • Can be used with most OSHA regulation
  • Heaters can be aggregated for jobs of any size
  • Minimal fumes
  • Great for drying
  • Perfect for construction of apartment buildings with gas stoves and gas dryers
  • Piping infrastructure can be designed to utilize the heaters on jobs with no piping manifold.
  • Heating system is union friendly
  • Does not require any electric to utilize heating system.
  • Booster pump rental available to increase gas pressure
  • Piping engineering of system is available
  • Turnkey available
  • Fans can be provided to move warm air around space

Turnkey Emergency Heating SystemsTurnkey Temporary & Emergency Heating Systems.

Fans can also be provided with this equipment to move heat around the space. Setup is a breeze when you utilize this equipment. We can provide full turnkey heating systems to heat individual areas or whole buildings.

Other Things to Keep In Mind
  • Piping manifold can be designed and installed to distribute gas through site.
  • Units come with gas regulators so they can be utilized on many pressure systems.
  • All of this equipment is easily transportable and can be scaled up for jobs of all sizes.
  • Equipment is very union friendly and standby requirements are minimized.
  • Call us at (516)431-5550 for a cubic foot calculation of indirect heater needs.
  • We ship all Heating equipment on a moments notice. This equipment can condition spaces of any size and configuration. Emergency set up of equipment is available. 24 hour delivery and service is available.

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