Heating equipment Rentals or Purchase?

Before the cold weather approaches, are you planning on having the right heat equipment rentals in place? Or do you find yourself questioning whether to rent or purchase the equipment for your temporary heating needs?

Heating equipment Rentals

The advantages to renting heating equipment from Neat Heat & Cooling:

Heating equipment rentals include side mounted safety disconnect switch which meets code requirements as a means of disconnect.  All cable lengths as required are included in rental pricing.  Neat Heat & Cooling includes all service 24/7 for any non-working rental heaters onsite.  Non-working heaters repaired or replaced for normal wear and tear at no additional charge to the customer.  Our trained technicians are there to support you throughout the heating equipment rentals period!

Purchase equipment does not include safety disconnect switch and cable as required.  Additionally, all service related issues are to be addressed directly with the product manufacturer. Neat Heat & Cooling does not provide service for purchased units.

In addition, once you purchase equipment, you will need to find where to store all once the season is over. For some this can also create a burden.

If you are looking for a creative temporary solution, we can help.

Neat Heat and Cooling has a wide range of temporary heating equipment.

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