Temporary Portable Heating Outdoor

As we are currently facing a different kind of normal, many businesses have to cope with new challenges.  Congregating indoors is not feasible at this time in most places. Shifting activities outdoors during colder temperatures is completely doable given the proper climate control equipment needed. Whether it is an event, a restaurant, healthcare services, etc. having the right climate control can have a huge impact on satisfaction. Keeping guests, customers comfortable and satisfied should be a priority. Neat Heat and Cooling can provide Temporary Portable Heating Outdoor units for any location.

Temporary Outdoor Heating

We have temporary portable heating units of all sizes.  We have tent heaters which are ideal for making your tented event as comfortable as possible with safe, dependable heat.

Our patio heater is the ideal choice for those wanting to extend patio and tent use during the cooler months, warming approximately 300 square feet with 40,000 BTU/hour maximum.

We have portable electric heaters and all of our electrical heating equipment is easily transportable and can be placed in areas for clean heat wherever it is required. Ducting can be accomplished if required. Units come in many configurations 1.5 KW, 4 kw, 9 kw, 15 kw, 18 kw, 40 kw, 60 kw and 150 kw.

Portable electric heaters

Neat Heat provides packaged Heating Units, Temporary Heater rental and on-site services for any outdoor use.

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