HEPA Air Filtration Equipment & COVID.

Neat Heat and Cooling is here to assist your industry with temporary Air Filtration Products.

HEPA Air Filtration Products

HEPA Air filtration systems are obviously critical at this time and must be capable of handling a wide range of contaminants, as well as meeting the more stringent air cleaning requirements.

We are open to assist you during COVID-19.

During this critical time many facilities are looking for air purification.

Air scrubbers (also commonly referred to as negative air machines and HEPA Filtration Systems) are primarily used to remove suspended airborne particles from the environment at a particular site. When used with the appropriate filters, an air scrubber can work wonders.  Neat Heat’s portable air scrubbers require very little set up.  We stock units of various sizes, ranging from the ultra – portable 500 CFM, to the 1,000 CFM and 2,000 CFM size.

Our three stage air filtration systems can capture and remove such particles and improve the air quality in your location.

Industrial Air Moving Equipment is great for any air purification purpose. They can be used in occupied/unoccupied spaces.

Replacement filters are also available and we can also furnish heavy duty extension cords.  Ducts can be supplied as well and can be used with the negative air to move desired particles out of the space.

We can quickly evaluate your climate control needs and provide solutions and pricing.  You can count on Neat Heat for dependable, efficient, easy to use portable cooling, dehumidification and air filtration equipment rentals.

Ideal for Exam Rooms, Operating Rooms, Outdoor triage Tents, Patient Waiting Rooms, Intensive Care, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Post Offices and more…

We ship all HEPA filter negative air machine equipment on a moment’s notice.

Emergency Service and Installation Available

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