Arctic Blast Headed our Way – Temporary Emergency Heating Needed?

Temporary Emergency Heating!

An arctic blast is headed to the Tri-state area…
Unexpected weather conditions can have an impact on your business, and to ensure your business is still capable of running we offer temporary emergency heating with just a simple phone. Harsh weather conditions can make it difficult to still be functional, so the right climate control equipment is extremely important.

The cold weather season is a time when temporary heating is a high demand. Whether it is to prevent frozen pipes, provide employee comfort or to maintain the appropriate temperatures for the work being done, temporary heating equipment rentals is key.

We know the urgency of having heat during the coldest winter temperatures and will provide you with the right heating solutions.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s Temporary heating solutions have a wide range of use for all different types of business and organizations.

Neat Heat and Cooling provides 24/7 emergency service. We have a full line of temporary portable heaters and can deliver on a moment’s notice. We work around the clock and can dispatch drivers to your location.

We service small and large heating equipment needs starting with a variety of Electric Heaters, Natural Gas and Kerosene Heaters, Indirect Fired Heaters and Direct Fired Kerosene Heaters, Generators, Electric Heater / Generator Combo and Steam Tables on Wheels.

We provide ongoing service throughout the rental period and should you have any issues our trained technicians can support you at any time.

Make sure you have the necessary heating in place before the cold arctic blast hits and don’t get left out in the cold!

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Emergency Delivery at a Moment’s Notice!

Neat Heat & Cooling Delivery Truck | Temporary Emergency Heating - Emergency Temporary Heating Service from Neat Heat - Neat Heat Delivery truck pictured in Photo.
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