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Neat Heat Climate Control - Terms & Conditions


2018 Terms & Conditions for Neat Heat - Heating and Cooling EquiPment Rental

  • 1) Equipment Availability & Order Acceptance - All orders are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, all orders will be accepted based upon inventory availability at time of order process. Once an order is accepted by Neat Heat Climate Control, the equipment will be staged and ready for your job within a reasonable amount of time. Once equipment is ordered 90% of the contract price is the liquidated damages if equipment is not delivered or accepted at the job site. Once equipment is delivered and or accepted, full contract price due.

  • 2) Equipment Delivery/Pick Up - Standard delivery is during regular business hours and is considered “curbside delivery”. Equipment must be ordered by a certain time of day so as to not incur overtime charges for same day delivery. Please call to inquire for time of day. Overtime and special delivery, if required will be charged on a cost plus basis. Waiting time charges may apply if Neat Heat Climate Control driver must wait for customer to complete delivery or pick up. Equipment is checked prior to delivery to customer and ready for placement and installation by others. For equipment returns, customer is responsible for removing equipment from installation site and meeting Neat Heat Climate Control driver at curbside, or loading dock. Round trip shipping charges are included as a one - time charge, as noted. Shipping is additional for equipment not shipped with base order.

  • 3) Installation Service – Equipment installation service may be available on a job – by – job basis. If available, installation would be on a cost plus basis, if required. Any painting and/or patching associated with installation or removal is to be by others.

  • 4) Power & Connections, Painting & Patching – All power and connections are by others. Customer is responsible for making sure the proper power supplies and voltage requirements are available for equipment to run properly. Customer is responsible for making sure a properly licensed electrician makes all connections to equipment as required.

  • 5) Equipment Inspection, Operation On Site & Servicing - Equipment is checked by Neat Heat Climate Control prior to delivery. Customer is responsible to check equipment on an hourly basis. If any problem is found with the equipment operation, customer must shut off/down units properly and notify Neat Heat Climate Control immediately. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that no water comes in contact with equipment or electrical wiring. Customer is responsible to ensure that hoses, if any, are not kinked, and that equipment placement inside customer site leaves sufficient room for proper equipment ventilation. Customer is solely responsible for protecting people from equipment and will hold Neat Heat Climate Control harmless for any injury that may incur in conjunction with equipment use while on customer’s premises. Non - working equipment due to normal wear and tear is repaired or replaced at no charge, during normal business hours. Certain post – installation service calls may incur additional charges depending upon circumstances.

  • 6) Insurance, Liability & Permits - All insurance, permits and proper operation of the equipment is the responsibility of the customer. Neat Heat Climate Control shall not be liable for interruption of service, failure of equipment to perform, delay nor for consequential damages of any kind, and lessee hereby agrees that no claims therefore shall at any time be made by customer, or anyone claiming under customer. Installation of salamander heaters is subject to approvals by authorized housing jurisdiction, if applicable.

  • 7) Rental Period & Conclusion of Rental Agreement - Rental starts when equipment leaves depot and ends when it is returned to depot. A week is equal to all or part of a 7 day period. A month is equal to all or any part of a 4-week period. A season is equal to all or part of a 5 month period. Customer must commit to seasonal rental to obtain seasonal pricing. No pro-rating of a rental period, per the time frame referenced on the rental agreement, is allowed. Additional rental time frame, if required, will be billed as above less one time shipping charge. Customer must call 24 hours in advance for pick-up of units.

  • 8) Desired Temperature & Humidity Levels – Additional equipment may be required to reach or maintain desired temperature and humidity in space. Additional equipment, if requested, may be provided on a cost plus basis.

  • 9) Oil, Fuel and Air Filter Cleaning and Changing – Certain heating equipment, including towable diesel heaters and generators, utilize fuel and oil filters that require changing at designated intervals, typically every 250 hours of unit operation. Customers are responsible for all charges associated with such filter changes, which could range from $500 - $3,000. Customers must provide Neat Heat Climate Control service personnel with ready access to such equipment for such filter changes or other equipment maintenance. Air conditioners and de-humidification equipment typically are outfitted with removable air filters, and if the unit you rent is outfitted with such, customer is responsible for regularly inspecting and cleaning such air filters to ensure proper operation.

  • 10) Fuel & Consumables – All fuel and consumables are by others.

  • 11) Due Authority - Customer warrants that it has full right, power and authority to enter into this sales agreement, and that the representative placing the order has been duly authorized to execute on Customer’s behalf. 


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