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   Emergency AC Unit Rental

Temporary Air Conditioning Cooling Equipment Rental


Portable Cooling / Air Conditioning Equipment for Rent

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Perfect for Industrial Emergencies when your Air Conditioner or HVAC System Breaks or is being serviced

Providing Temporary Cooling Products for your Business

Neat Heat Temporary Cooling solutions have a wide range of use for all different types of business and organizations. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rented cooling solution, Neat Heat can provide the relief you need. Neat Heat's temporary rental equipment works great to temporarily provide relief when your equipment fails. We are able to provide Rental Chillers, Coolers, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioning, Spot Chilling or Emergency Industrial Generators.

Neat Heat services small or large cooling needs with a variety of Spot Air Conditioner Cooling Units, Rental Generators, Air Handlers, Cooling Towers and Fans.


Rental Generators, Dehumidifiers & Air Conditioners



Emergency Cooling Equipment Rentals

Neat Heat has a variety of emergency equipment ready to deploy in case of a emergency or an unexpected breakdown in your area. In the event your company is planning to have maintenance, renovations or replacement of existing system requiring it to be shut down and you wish to not disturb the building and the environment with workers working, having Spot Coolers and Temporary Chillers to ensure your buildings environment is least likely to be disturbed. Working in an industrial building or medical facilities this is necessary and in case of an emergency Neat Heat can provide the relief your building needs to protect the industrial facilities environment and prevent loss of business due to the rising temperature disturbing your place of business.

Planning and Emergency Preparedness for your Building

Planning in the event of abnormal climatic temperatures is what you should be thinking about. Most Air Conditioning units break down during temperature spikes because it puts more of a load on your current Cooling System. However planning and having Spot Coolers or Temporary Chillers can help relieve the load from your system. Also planning ahead comes in handy in the event of a natural disaster or the latest threat of Global Warming. Having backup units on hand will help deal with unknown problems. Contracting these machines for deployment will give you the relief you want knowing that if all else fails the cooling relief is just one phone call away. Neat Heat also provides Emergency Rental Industrial Generators and ventilation systems to complete your cooling relief in case of an emergency.

Special Events and On-site Rental Services

Neat Heat provides packaged Air Conditioning Units, Temporary Chillers and on-site services for outdoor events like wedding and seasonal events that require cooling for outdoor events such as concerts, performances, graduations, ice skating rinks, festivals and much more. We are not limited by event or location in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut tri-state area. Neat Heat can keep your guest at a comfortable temperature. Our company provides temporary chiller and chiller rentals for a variety of markets not limited to Schools, Medical, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Renovations, Buildings and Industrial markets. Neat Heat strives to be the #1 in Temporary Air Cooling Units.


Neat Heat provides temporary and portable emergency heating & cooling equipment rental in New Jersey.

Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania Tristate Area For Over 30 Years!